Garments Manufacturing ERP Software in Bangladesh

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Dhaka, Bangladesh
Garments Manufacturing ERP Software in Bangladesh
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Garments and Apparel industry mainly focuses on designing, manufacturing and distributing products to the ultimate consumer.In Bangladesh, Garments industry has gone though lot of variation every year and they are to still go through complex management system. But, apparels industry also got into trend and in a systemic way with our Garments Manufacturing ERP Software in Bangladesh.

    1. Procurement (Purchase):

  • All purchase order for a specific period.
  • Pending purchase order
  • Cancelled purchase order.
  • Purchase order requisition auto generation.
  • Item wise / suppliers wise latest purchase price.
  • Item wise Maximum, Minimum and re-order quantity.
  • Purchase order shipment status (with ETD, ETA).
  • Import L.C. wise or Invoice wise Import quantity, rate and value.
  • Suppliers wise or Item wise Import quantity, rate and value.
  1. Raw Material Inventory (Reports):
  • Date wise Material Received.
  • C. Wise Material Received.
  • Invoice Wise Material Received.
  • MRR Wise Material Received.
  • Suppliers Wise Material Received.
  • Item wise Material Received.
  • Date Wise Material Issue.
  • C. Wise Material Issue.
  • Invoice Wise Material Issue.
  • SR Wise Material Issue.
  • Suppliers Wise Material Issue.
  • Department Wise Material Issue.
  • Item wise Material Received and Issue (Detail Store Ledger)
  • Monthly comparative material consumption (Quantity, Rate, Value)
  • Set, Batch, Job Wise Material Consumption (Quantity, Rate, Value)
  • Set, Batch, Job Wise Standard and Actual Consumption and Variance.
  • Item, Group Wise Summary Report.
  • Lot Wise Inventory Received and Issue (Details and Summary Report)
  • Physical Inventory Worksheet.
  1. Finished Goods Inventory:
  • Date Wise Fabric Production (With Roll Number, Yds).
  • Style Wise Fabric Production.
  • Set Wise Fabric Production.
  • Packing List Preparation.
  • Fabric Stock in hand (Roll Serial No.)
  • Fabric Stock in hand (Style no, Roll No, Yds etc.).
  • Fabric Stock (Opening – Production – Shipment – Balance).
  • Date Wise Shipment.
  • Customer, L.C, Invoice Wise Shipment.
  • Packing List from Shipment History.
  1. Spare parts Inventory :
  • Date wise Spare parts Received.
  • C. wise Spare parts Received.
  • Invoice wise Spare parts Received.
  • MRR wise Material Received.
  • Suppliers wise Spare parts Received.
  • Item wise Spare parts Received.
  • Date wise Spare parts Issue.
  • C. wise Spare parts Issue.
  • Invoice wise Spare parts Issue.
  • SR Wise Spare parts Issue.
  • Suppliers wise Spare parts Issue.
  • Department wise Spare parts Issue.
  • Item wise Spare parts Received and Issue (Detail Store Ledger)
  • Monthly comparative Spare parts consumption (Quantity, Rate, Value)
  • Item / Group Wise Summary Report.
  • Physical Inventory Worksheet.
  1. Marketing (Sales) :
  • Customer list.
  • Sales price.
  • Item wise costing.
  • Order booking report.
  • Order booking balance.
  • Cancelled order booking.
  • Style (Item) Wise Sales Price – Cost – Profit – Profit Percent.
  • Customer Wise Item Sales, Cost, Profit.


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