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Asset Management Software In Bangladesh
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Are you searching for Asset Management Software in Bangladesh. We are the Asset Accounting, tracking and Consulting management company in Bangladesh. With years of rich business experience and thousands of satisfied customers, our market-leading Fixed assets and tracking management software are a proven and trusted foundation to large, small and midsize businesses across Bangladesh. Our software completely browser based Asset Management software which helps any small to enterprise organization to control their assets. So now it’s no need of maintaining the large amount of Excel sheets for each asset. We provides the best Assets Management software with the system that takes care of your requirements of Assets Inventory. Our assets module manages the documents such as original invoice, warranty, maintenance contract, maintenance record, insurance contract, lease and image of asset. Our asset management software eliminates the time and energy it takes to manually perform the data entry again and again, allowing to focus on other task. Our software allows any user in your organization can see your equipment and know where it is utilized and relocation is made easy. Also allows you to manage similar assets with a single bar code number for tracking the assets in real time.

Key Features Of Fixed Asset Management System:

• Asset Entry.
• Revaluation.
• Impairment.
• Physical Verification.
• Asset Document Management.
• Transfer Current Asset To Fixed Asset.
• Depreciation.
• Disposal.
• Existing Asset.
• Purchase Fixed Asset.
• Wastage.
• Report.

Other Features:

• Authorization of Assets.
• Contact Search.
• Advance Search (Auto Filter Mode).
• Budget Tracking & Variance (Asset Group wise, Location wise, Cost Center wise & Custodian wise).
• Budgeted v/s Actual Acquisition.
• Budgeted v/s Actual Depreciation.
• Locking & Unlocking of Periods.
• Auto Asset Code Generation.
• Graphical Representation of All Major Reports.

Key Benefits Of Our Asset Management Software:

• Maintenance- deploy resources for maximum effectiveness.
• Asset tracing- by category, by location, by serial number (using bar code tags).
• Up time- forecast likely failure points and causes to improve up time.
• Reliability/ Risk Management- predict and take actions on strategic issues to prevent problems.
• Strategic Planning- increase visibility into asset performance management to align these resources with corporate goals for the long term performance asset.
• All the transitions are routed though the system and thus can be made highly secured and be tracked at any moment of time.
• Reports- essential reports required for your review and effective decision making can be only generated though the fixed asset management system.
• Automatic posting of depreciation.
• Option to choose different depreciation method.
• Options to enter units of each asset.
• Tracking the insurance company, policy number, insurance amount, ex piracy date etc.

How it works?:

– Study: Our team will visit your offices to study your current fixed assets scheme, conduct gap analysis versus business best practices and design accordingly a new operating procedure for your fixed assets function.

– Design: Our team will generate a hierarchical asset classification structure for both financial and physical asset tracking requirements as well as an asset catalog detailing the different types of assets, resulting in mapping the existing physical assets.

– Implement: Our team will implement a fixed asset solution that fulfills the business requirement in counting, maintaining, tagging and keeping track of the depreciation of fixed assets.

– Bar code and Asset Tag: Our team will tag all involved assets and ensure key fields are covered:
• User location
• Asset type scanned from the catalog
• Bar-code tag id is assigned
• Asset condition is specified
– Reconciliation of fixed asset data: Based on the above process, your Physical Assets Register will be cross matched with your Financial Database, resulting in one clean asset list.

Why we?

1. We have been catering to the ever-increasing demand of quality enterprise Software solutions and communication services in Bangladesh.
2. We place our customer above all else and try to perform our services to the best of our ability.
3. We have knowledge regarding all operation all systems and proven solutions to best implement them in your organization structure.
4. We provide top ranking Network Services, Business Solutions, Website Designs, Corporate Branding, Marketing Solutions.
5. We are aware of your investment and we are committed to bring you the highest quality of information technology solutions along with quality support.

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