Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software In Bangladesh

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software In Bangladesh
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Are you searching for dependable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in Bangladesh? With experience and skills behind our legacy, we ensure that we provide the right CRM solution in Bangladesh.Our Customer Relationship Management software is a great tool to help businesses to manage contacts, partners, vendors, suppliers, sales activities, sales cycle, deal size, contact history and even competitor information. Our software will help your business step up to the next level by smoothly managing interactions with existing and future potential customers. Being a leading CRM software provider in Bangladesh, we ensure that our CRM solutions are tailored with design and functionality to meet all your business needs. Our support system offers workflows, custom reports, analytics, custom filters etc that help in sales, consistency and efficiency. It helps understand customer trends and what they are interested in, letting you choose your sales, marketing and outreach respectively. It also provides a complete customer care service with technical support, complaints and further assistance. Our CRM solution enable business to build personalized experiences for each and every customer. Our CRM solutions in Bangladesh that are catered specially for businesses operating in Bangladesh, help clients identify, understand and focus on providing better services and building customer long term relationships. Our CRM helps you understand your customers so that you can focus on your potential customers and give them the best customer service.

CRM Features Include:

• Contact Management.
• Opportunity Management.
• Sales Forecasting.
• Quotes & Orders.
• Lead Management.
• Interactive Dashboard.
• Reporting.
• Find/Advanced Find.
• Group Management.
• Classic Microsoft Outlook Plug In.
• Mobile Device Support (Apple iPhone and Android TM).
• Data Import.
• Case Management.
• Solutions/Knowledge base Management.
• Campaign Management.
• Outbound Call Handling.
• Manage Relationship Types.
• Email Management.
• User Management.
• Territory/Security Management.
• Workflow.
• Reconfigured Escalations.
• Professional User Management.

More Features:

• Extensive Marketing Tools like Bulk.Emails, Inquiry & Marketing Analysis.
• Inquiry / Prospect Assignment and Reassignment to individual Sales Agent based on selected Criteria.
• Organize and Manage follow up Enquirers.
• Service Request module to capture Customer Complaints and Suggestions.
• Monitor the action taken on Customer Request.
• Manage Appointments & retrieve reports
User Role Management.
• MIS & Business Intelligent Reporting exportable to PDF & Excel.
• Show available units from the link of Company Website.
• Capture complaints / enquirers registered through the website.

It Can Help You With:

1. Tracking the success of your marketing activities.
2. Identifying and following up on prospective customers.
3. Maintaining relationships with loyal customers.
4. Grouping your customers types to develop personalized communications.
5. Seeing which customers have signed up to your marketing lists.
6. Understanding which customers have responded to your offer or promotion.

Our CRM Software Comes With The Following Benefits:

– Get intimate with customers.
– Save customer details and their interactions.
– Consolidate customer data into a single platform to be used for targeted marketing.
– Get timely and reliable insight into customer management processes to make better business decisions.
– Connect with and understand potential customers.
– Better manage leads, prospects, and customers.
– Maximize sales, generate more leads.

How We can Help Your Business With Custom CRM Solutions:

• We provide highly flexible customer relationship management (CRM) that can adapt, grow, and scale along with your business.
• We provide single platform to control and manage complete client details.
• We help you better manage your marketing efforts and make sound decisions based on the needs of your customers and prospects
• Our CRM solutions helps to reduced costs, improved data quality and better internal cooperation.

Why You Choose Us:

1. Our CRM Solutions Enable businesses to Understand the customers, Retain customers through better customer experience and Decrease customer management costs.
2. We offer solutions designed to be both flexible and feature rich and meets the growing demands of today’s business conditions.
3. We have software development team to support all the customization you required for your business.
4. We make sure our Customer Management solutions deliver maximum deployment flexibility and all business niches or personalize requirements.
5. We ensure to deliver the best solutions to our customers at competitive costs.

To know more about our Customer Relationship Management Software contact us. We are here to provide the best software solutions.

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