Point Of Sale (POS) Software In Bangladesh

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Point Of Sale (POS) Software In Bangladesh
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If you are looking for Point of Sale (POS) Software in Bangladesh then you have come to the right place. We are offering the POS software in Bangladesh which allows you to make sales faster manage inventory like never before, create any point of sale report and make your business stronger and more efficient. Our PoS(Point of Sale) Software is comprehensive retail business management solutions for Point Of Sales which helps in overcoming the challenges. With our point of sale software, you can bill customers and dispense the receipt electronically. With a simple user interface, retail POS solution comes complete with endless updates, wide sociability, and real-time data, offering a comprehensive tool for any business. We are offering different types of interface for every type of sale area, from the best cashier operation, order sales and tele-sales to web sales, all in one system. Our cash control and cash up procedure designed to make your day-end process as simple as possible. Our cloud service technology allows to communicate third party payment system and loyalty programs.

We Served Point Of Sale (POS) Software for:

– Restaurant.
– Super Market.
– Groceries.
– Garments Industries.
– Hospitals.
– Laundries.
– Jewelry Shops.
– Industries.
– Foot Ware Shops.
– Wholesales Business.
– Manufacturing Business.
– Bakery.
– Saloon etc.

Main Features:

1. VAT Integrated for Taxation Reports
2. Easy To Use Interface
3. Four Security Levels
4. Product Photos
5. Touch-Screen Ready
6. Multi-Register
7. Credit & Customer Card Processing
8. Random Weight Barcode
9. Sales commissions
10. Suspended sales
11. Packing Slips & Labels
12. Automatic Recovery Backup
13. Exports to MS-Excel,PDF
14. Imports to MS-Excel
15. Mail Option

More Salient Features:

• Retail customer (loyal customer) master.
• Shift end processing.
• Day end processing.
• Excess / Shortage calculation for each. • Cash Box / POS Till.
• Any number of tills in each shop.
• Bar code Label Printing / Stock taking interface with PDTs.
• Physical stock taking.
• Packing Lists / Labels Printing.
• Stock inquiry of other branches.
• Separate trial balance / profit & loss and balance sheet for each branch.
• Customization as per user requirements
Online Adaptations.
• Very User-friendly – Design keeping User-in-Mind.
• Daily Wages Employee-Agency hired.
• No Limits – Multi company, Multi Location Multi Currency handling.
• Modular & Upgrade-able.
• Advanced Document Creation Wizard.
• Unlimited User Access Levels.
• User Activity Logs.
• Add/Edit/Delete/Print Logs.
• Developed locally to meet local requirements.

Why you Choose Ourselves?

1. We have a unique focus to provide comprehensive and integrated software business solutions to facilitate businesses.
2. We partner with our clients to simplify the pain areas in their daily operations and streamline their business processes.
3. We support large, medium and small-scale businesses, which covers a variety of industries.
4. We have built a reputation for being the trusted IT partner for businesses in Bangladesh.
5. Our approaches always are customer eccentric and competitively based latest emerging technologies of the time.

Apart from this, We Are Expertise in:

– IT strategies
– Management consultancy
– Software,Cloud & website Solution
Apps(Android, iOS)
– Project Management
– Database Consultancy
– Computer consultancy
– Development & Acquisition methodology

Our solutions take care of your business efficiently with complete transparency and total security in any business of Bangladesh. We help customers achieve results that exceed their expectations. So you can rely on us! To know more about our Software, Contact us.

Click on Book Now from below and submit your Name, Phone Number and Address. We will call you ASAP and confirm a meeting to show you the Software.

AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: +8801770594914, +8801972070767

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