Access Control and Time Attendance Management System In Bangladesh

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Access Control and Time Attendance Management System In Bangladesh
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Are you searching for Access Control and Time Attendance Management System in Bangladesh? We are here to assist you. We provide complete Bio metric solutions including Time & Attendance Software, Machines, Fingerprint attendance, hand punch and RFID systems. Our Access control and Time Attendance Software is the software that helps in managing all the activities of the employees so that you can easily concentrate on other activities of the business. Our software will maintain your work easier and frequent and offers you the best technological products so that you can smoothly run your business activities and also you don’t have to worry much about the management as we offer you the best software that will help you in management. We help businesses become more efficient by incorporating quality automation solutions into their processes such as ID Card Issuance System. It is the software that is key towards the successful as it manages with all the things efficiently without any issues. Our time attendance system software accurately transfers hour’s worked no more extra work for you. Our software that works automatically and record can be easily checked at any time. Our solution offers advanced features at an affordable cost. We are here with best quality equipment that you can easily enjoy without any issues and we offer you the best Time Attendance and access control system in Bangladesh so that you can easily run your system without any hurdles and also this will help you a lot in keeping all the records in well proper manner without any mistakes or hurdles. We ensure you that you will not face any kind of trouble in operating the software.

Our Access Control and Time Attendance Management Systems:

• Irish ID.
• Hand Punch.
• Live Finger Detection.
• Face Enrollment.
• Face Station.
• Bio Entry P2.
• Bio Entry W2.
• Bio Entry L2.
• Bio Station R2.

Why Time Attendance and Access Control :

• Simple and easy to use.
• Your data can be easily copied and pasted to other applications.
• Hugely reduces time spent managing staff attendance.
• Eliminates paperwork and the risk of making errors while tracking attendance on paper.
• Secure SSL certificate for your peace of mind.
• Records are kept safe and confidential
Current and previous years records are available in an instant.
• Configurable, multi-level, management approval system.
• Users can easily view their individual leave summaries for the year.
• Provide a safe environment for employees, visitors and contractors.
• Identify who is in my building.
• Control access to highly secure areas.
• Manage access to commercial fleet fueling stations.

Time and Attendance software is the best helping hand for the business as:

• It is the software that smoothly and efficiently track the employee time.
• It also helps in managing the attendance data, time and employee profiles.
• It eliminates the buddy punching.
• It manages the work timings and employee scheduling.
• It also helps in tracking the employee time from the multiple work site and locations.

Why You Choose Us:

1. Because we are awesome at what we do.
2. Our team are the cream of the crop in their specialties.
3. Strong understanding of technology.
4. Great customer feedback history.
5. Exceptional customer service.
6. More than a decade’s worth of quality business partnerships.
7. Multi-faceted team.

Our Vision is to provide customers with the most advanced technology in Auto Identification solutions and set a high standard for Customer Service and Product Quality in Bangladesh.

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AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: 01972-070767, 01777044241

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