Laptop Computer Repair Home Service in Dhanmondi

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Laptop Computer Repair Home Service in Dhanmondi
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We have a dedicated Team who are the expert engineer and ready to provide Computer, Desktop, Laptop repair home/office service in Dhanmondi area, Dhaka. We Can provide service to your given location it can be yours at home or office. We make sure quality service to keep the highest satisfaction.

Following are our Services:

1. Computer Hardware Repair and Updating

2. Hard disk problem and bad sector removal if needed

3. Motherboard Problem fixing

4. Data Recovery from your hard disk

5. Operating System Setup and Problem fixing – Windows XP/Windows7,8,9,10, Vista, Linux

6. Data Transfer

7. Removing Viruses, Malware that is harming your computer

8. Software Installation

9. Mac Operating System Setup

10. Partition Setup

11. Windows Setup by using Pendrive

12. Monitor Blue screen problem fixing

13. Computer auto rebooting problem fixing

14. CPU and Fan cleaning that is slowing your computer

15. Laptop Screen Repair

Whether it’s your Desktop or Laptop, we provide repair service for Computer/Laptop brands like Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Sony, Samsung, Daffodil. Order our service if you form any part of Dhanmondi area.

Click on Order Now from below and submit your Name, Phone Number, and Address. We will call you within 15 minutes and confirm the Order.

AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: 01877-826686

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