Prescription Software for Doctors in Bangladesh

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Dhaka, Bangladesh
Prescription Software for Doctors in Bangladesh
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We are a team of software Developer Company our company name is Skyhigh IT. We made Prescription Software for Doctors in Bangladesh.

Following are our Features, Information and Configuration:

Doctors Information:

Doctor Registration with basic information like name, address, contact numbers, work places, specialty etc.
Specialty can be entered up to 5 lines, which will be printed on prescription.


Drug list with Company name, generic name.
Category wise Drug list will help to search any Drug faster.
Investigation Category and Investigations list.
Symptom list in Bengali and English.
Advice list in Bengali and English.
Disease list in Bengali and English with short description.
User setting with deferent rights.

Patient Management:

Patient Registration with maximum information like Name, Address, contact number, date of birth, national ID / passport number etc.
Automatic age/DOB calculation. If you enter DOB age will be calculated automatically and if you enter age DOB will be generated automatically.
Patient age is not constant; it will be upgraded automatically according to time.

Prescription Management:

Creating prescription for patient or old patient is very easy and user friendly.
No need to close the prescription form to create a patient or find an old patient.
Patient Name and age will be printed in Bengali and English both language.
Patient History and Symptoms enter facility in Bengali and English.
Unlimited On-Examination value entry.
Medicine/Drug entry facility with dose like 1+0+1, 1+1+1 etc.
Investigation entry is very easy, just need to click on the names.
Advice entry in Bengali and English.
Prescription will be printed in A4 size paper without header. So that you can use your pre-printed papers. Paper size can be adjusted to any.
No need to tell the patient to bring the prescription next time, because you can find the patient out in a second form the software. It’s possible to search any patient by using Name, Code, Address, National ID, Contact Number etc.

If you like to check our software, Click on Order Now from below and submit your Name, Phone Number and Address. We will call you within 15 minutes and confirm a meeting to show you the Software.

AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: 01972-070767

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