Hospital Management System In Bangladesh

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Hospital Management System In Bangladesh
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We build Hospital Management Software in Bangladesh. We are one stop shop for all your healthcare related IT service requirements. We have proven to be a reliable solutions provider and is now ranked as one of the market leading vendors of healthcare IT services. Our developers designed and develop to deliver real benefits to hospital and clinics. They are dedicated towards providing comprehensive and indisputable solutions to all your healthcare software requirements. Our Clinical Management software which helps in efficient clinic management by managing Doctor’s appointments, medical billing, patient’s treatment history, diagnostics information and the administrative activities of a clinic or a hospital. We ensure adequate client engagement in order to understand their needs and provide customized solutions to adapt to their organizational settings. In addition to providing separate access to the office staff and the physician, we also offers controlled access to others. Patients, pharmacists, drug company representatives, and other people could access here to perform various tasks that would otherwise have to be performed by the physician’s office. Our constant drive to innovate helps us in offering new, adaptable and customization solutions to the healthcare industry in Bangladesh. Let’s take a look at our full features and categories of hospital management system.

Our Features of Hospital Management System:

Reception & Help desk:

• Admission Registration.
• Patient Registration.
• Doctor’s Information.
• Investigation Report Delivery.
• Bed Transfer Registration.
• Bed Occupancy Report.
• Discharge.
• Hospital Charges (Operation/ Investigation/ Cabin).


• Bed Setup.
• Investigation Head Setup.
• Procedure Head.
• OT Bill Head.
• Doctor’s Shift Info.
• Patient’s Information System.

OT Management:

• OT Bill Head.
• OT Charge Bill Head.
• OT History.
• OT Time Schedule.


• Due Collection.
• Indoor Patient Bill.
• Emergency Bill.
• Dental Bill.
• Physiotherapy Bill.
• OPD Bill.
• Advance Receive.
• Dialysis Bill.
• Duplicate Memo Print.
• Advance Adjustment.
• MR Cancel System.
• Refund System.
• Free Indoor Bill.
• MR Cancel Show.
• MR Refund System.
• Free Investigation.
• Free Emergency.


• Registration.
• Admission Registration.
• Admission Entry Room.
• Report (Hospital Accounts).
• Record Room.
• Doctor’s Corner.
• Sister’s Corner.

Pathology (Lab):

• Sticker Print.
• Pathology.
• CBC, Biochemistry, Stool.
• Urine, Cytology, C.Assay.
• ABG, Semen, Skin.
• Sputum Analysis.
• Microbiology.
• Bacteriological, Serological
• Immunological.
• Psychopathology.
• Radiology.
• X-Ray, USG.
• Audit Bill.
• Birth Certificate.
• Death Certificate.
• User Report.
• Admin Setup.

Hospital Report’s:

Ticket Report’s:

• OPD Ticket Report (Morning).
• Doctor Wise fast Track.
• Doctor Wise Dental Fast Track.
• Ticket Summary.
• Doctor Wise Evening Report.
• Emergency.
• Free Ticket.

Evening Investigation Report:

• Doctor Wise Evening Investigation Report.
• Department-Wise Evening Investigation (Summary) Evening.


• List of Bill.
• List of Indoor Bill.
• Audited Report.
• Theater Charge (Evening).
• Purchase Report.
• Purchase Return Report.
• Indoor Sales Report.
• OPD Sales.
• OPD Sales Return Report.
• Dues Report.
• Summary Stock Balance Item Wise.


• Stock Item Ledger.
• Patient Wise Indoor Sale.
• User Wise Central Pharmacy Collection.
• User Wise Central Pharmacy Collection (OPD/IPD).

Why You Choose Us:

– Fully customization online System.
– Monthly Subscription Based.
– We manage everything for you.
– No Hardware required.
– No Installation required.

We are always ready to customize and make it the way you want for your Hospitals or Clinics.

If you like to check our software, Click on Book Now from below and submit your Name, Phone Number and Address. We will call you ASAP and confirm a meeting to show you the Software.

AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: +8801770594914, +8801972070767

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