Hospital Management Software in Bangladesh

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Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hospital Management Software in Bangladesh
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We made software for hospital. All types of hospital, nursing home, Clinique and diagnostic center. This software is a desktop based application which supports multiple counters or pc. We guarantee best performance by our Hospital management software/system in Bangladesh.

Some important features are followed:
• Customizable configuration – You can change your organization information anytime (name, logo, address, contact number, email address etc).
• Doctors registration with their weekly schedule.
• Referral (PC)/Commission agent registration with commission percentage.
• Patient registration with relevant information like name, age, gender, address, contact number, national ID, guardian name etc.
• Category wise diagnostic test entry with name, parameters, default value/range, charge, maximum discount percentage, commission percentage for agent etc.
• Pathologist, biochemist registration which will be printed in test reports if necessary.

Outpatient Modules:
• Outdoor Doctors serial maintenance and billing
• Diagnostic Invoice
• Due Collection
• Report
• Service Invoice for Out Patients

Inpatient Modules:
• Patient admission with Bed/Cabin number and others necessary information
• Service Invoice for given services
• OT Invoice
• Advance Money Receipt for receiving advance payment
• Patient Discharge

Others Modules:
• Commission payment to agents or doctors
• Due Collection from In Patient and Out Patient
• Daily Expense
• Bank Transactions
• Basic Payroll

Important reports:
• Daily cash collection
• Date to date cash collection
• User wise cash collection
• Patient’s outstanding report
• Doctors/Agent commission
• Test/Diagnostic data analysis by Test Name, Doctor, Agent, Date to Date
• Day end report
• Date to Date Expense Details/Summery

Special features:
• Doctors real time schedule controlling.
• Integrated queue management to maintain patients serial for each and every doctor.
• Office 2010 style interface design which is popular worldwide.
• Unlimited user entry with different user rights.
• Automatic Database Backup
• Free online data backup.

If you like to check our software, Click on Order Now from below and submit your Name, Phone Number and Address. We will call you within 15 minutes and confirm a meeting to show you the Software.

For Help Call AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: 01770-594914

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