Buying House Management Software in Bangladesh

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Dhaka, Bangladesh
Buying House Management Software in Bangladesh
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If you own Garments, Buying house or work with multiple buying houses and garments and travel different countries frequently and facing problem managing business. Then, We have Buying House management software for you that will make your life easier and save lot’s of your time.Recently implemented and modified Garments buying house management System in Bangladesh. This software can monitor garments order for buying house. Garments buying house management software based on company’s business policy. It is very user friendly and very easy to handle. It has lot of nice business feature and different kinds of attractive reports.

Manage sample order:
• Garments sampling monitoring
• Buying sample monitoring
• Sample costing
• Sample specification
• Sample sending scheduling
• Courier details

Manage confirm order:
• Sampling monitoring (Design, buying, gold seal, pre-production, production, shipment etc)
• Confirm costing and consumption
• Confirm orders handling
• Time and action calendar
• Trim chart
• Order follow-up
• Auto work order, booking (trims and accessories, belt, thread, cartoon etc)
• Production report
• QC report
• Warehouse, storing report
• Shipping report

Improve efficiency by:
• Order wise recaps
• Working process report
• Approval process report
• All booking aromatically based on Check list
• Charts
• Summary
• Alerts
• Order closing report

Minimise mistakes during merchandising process or change of merchandiser. Analysis charts will help you moving towards high margin customers and lower cost supplier. We can customise or make a new Buying House-Garment’s management software from scratch for you if you need.

If you like to check our Buying House Management Software/System, Click on Order Now from below and submit your Name, Phone Number and Address. We will call you within 15 minutes and confirm a meeting to show you the Software.

For Help Call AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: 01770-594914

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