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Stage lighting truss rental company In Bangladesh
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We offer a variety of Truss & Lighting solutions which are strategically and methodically placed within your design to meet your specific product or imagery layouts. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate on your truss design to help you increase attic size, add porch trusses, expand area space, and more in Bangladesh. Also, our large manufacturing facility allows keeping many different truss designs on hand so we can ship immediately. We have the right balance of experience and technical know how to make sure that everything is taken care of pre-show – including all forms and correspondences with the venue organizers and during the build-up phase, our timing is just perfect. Our Truss Department services are second-to-none. Moreover, Our knowledgeable and professional design staff will provide you with the latest engineering and design software capabilities, sealed engineering drawings, wall panel drawings, truss & panel layouts. Furthermore, We provide the highest level of professional service and personnel for the field in Bangladesh. Starting with the floor trusses and finishing with the roof, we ensure you have the plans and materials you need.

Service That We Provide:

• Steel Building.
• Structural Fabrication.
• Industrial Warehouse Erection.
• Erection of Steel Structures.
• Spiral Staircase.
• Cat Leader.
• Car Park Shed.
• Roof Trusses and Industrial Equipment’s.
• General Fabrication.
• In-House and Site Steel Fabrication.
• Roof Sheeting.
• Mezzanine Floor.
• Wall Cladding Support.
• Steel Fencing and Gates.

About Us:

1. Service up to the highest standards
2. We create leading-edge and impactful designs.
3. Fundamental enhancements in operation.
4. Creating impactful quality displays.
5. There is less margin for any minor issues.

In conclusion, We strongly believe in using our methods to reduce overall costs on a project, have seamless quality control, build greener using less waste, and complete the project in a small fraction of the time it would take using conventional building methods. Contact us today for a cost-effective project quotation.

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Aminul wrote 1062 days, 15 hours, 43 min ago

Got the service on time.

SusthoThakun wrote 1435 days, 13 hours, 59 min ago

people are very friendly

SusthoThakun wrote 1435 days, 14 hours, 1 min ago

people are very friendly

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