Sauna and Steam Room Construction, building and cleaning and maintenance company In Dhaka,Bangladesh

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Sauna and Steam Room Construction, building and cleaning and maintenance company In Dhaka,Bangladesh
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A home sauna or steam room is the perfect accompaniment to a swimming pool and they can be a wonderful haven where you can go to forget the stresses of modern life and relax. A Steam Baath or Sauna is a unique form of holistic health treatment that has great benefits to the body and mind as well. Regular visits to the Sauna or Steam Bath are known reduce stress, relax muscles, cleanse the skin and flush toxins from the body. A sauna is a dry heat bath taken in a well-insulated room lined with wood and heated with igneous rocks. While saunas offer benefits of dry heat, steam rooms provide wet heat, or steam, that give you a boost in circulation- keeping your skin looking radiate and healthy.
So, are you looking for a professional commercial and residential construction company? AmarSheba is here to assist you. We have a team of skilled designers that can create any kind of model that you need for a Sauna or Steam room. We’ll design a sauna or steam room that’s a perfect fit your space, budget, and lifestyle. We offer a wide range of interior finish options, such as glazed ceramic tile, marble tile or limestone tiles.

Here are the full contraction process of Sauna and Steam Room:

Steps of Sauna Construction:

• Step 1: Wiring for Light
• Step 2: Insulation to Lower Operating Costs
• Step 3: Foil to Reflect the Heat
• Step 4: Cedar Paneling
• Step 5: Centering the Sauna Heater on the Wall
• Step 6: Mount the Sauna Heater
• Step 7: Adding Rocks to the Sauna Heater
• Step 8: Set Your Sauna Benches
• Step 9: Install Sauna Door
• Step 10: Finish with Trim
• Stem 11: Add Your Cedar Duckboard (Flooring Panel)

Steps of Steam Bath Construction:

• Step 1: Demoing Existing Shower
• Step 2: Precision Tile Demo
• Step 3: Prepping the Pan
• Step 4: Pouring the pan
• Step 5: General Wall Prep
• Step 6: Sealing Seams and Gaps
• Step 7: Seal the Floor and the Walls
• Step 9: Laying the Tile
• Step 10: Generator location and plumbing notes
• Step 11: Cut Outs
• Step 12: Tile Review and Setting the U-channel for the glass panels
• Step 13: Installation of controls and carom therapy lights
• Step 14: Glass panels and fixtures review
• Step 15: Mounting our glass door jamb
• Step 16: Demonstrating the steam generator and enclosure

Our Service Include:
– Installation
– Design Assistance
– Repair
– Service
– Maintenance

Why You Choose Us?:

1. Fully tiled interiors utilizing epoxy-based adhesive and grout
2. 20-year warranty on steam room shell and frame.
3. Warranty against tile delimitation
4. Size, shape, seating layout and options to client speci?cations
5. All our products are designed, engineered, and assembled.

We have designed, manufactured and constructed hundreds of saunas and steam rooms across Bangladesh. It is our goal to bring steam, sauna, and experiential bathing products and services to the home, spa, and health club bathers that will heighten their bathing enjoyment. Your satisfaction made us satisfied.

AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: 01972-070767

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