Building Design and Planing service in Dhaka,Bangladesh

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Building Design and Planing service in Dhaka,Bangladesh
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We are a team of professional Engineers, Architects and Planners. We make your home as comfortable Attractive as possible.
We provide the following Engineering Consultancy Services:

Building design: residential, commercial and industrial building.
Structural and architectural design.
Electrical and Plumbing Design.
Plan approval from RAJUK
Building Safety & Stability Assessment
Interior & Exterior Design
Building construction and supervision
Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA) of Industrial/Factory Building
Soil Test
Digital Land Survey
Construction Management
Design and construction of Industrial Steel building
Estimation and Valuation Report

If you are looking for reliable Building Design and Planing service in Dhaka,Bangladesh.

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AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: 01972-070767, 01777044241

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