Water Heater and Geyser Servicing in Dhaka,Bangladesh

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Water Heater and Geyser Servicing in Dhaka,Bangladesh
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Water heater has evolved as the mandatory equipment in the home to enjoy hot water bath. But in the long run, few common issues arise while using geysers. Water heaters are generally very reliable but occasionally they do have problems like,

1. No hot water.
2. Inadequate hot water.
3. Rust colored water.
4. Rotten egg odor.
5. Low rumbling or popping noise.
6. Higher pitched whining.
7. Water leaking around base of heater.

So, are you searching related to Geyser or Water Heater Repair service in Dhaka? Stop here, AmarSheba offer you the best price geyser or water heater repair and services in all over Dhaka city areas. We Repair, install and maintenance of all brands Water Heater, Gas Geyser or Electric Geysers. We’re expertise in Geyser Repairing, Geyser Installation and Geyser Servicing of any brands. Our team consists of well equipped and professional technicians who provide round the clock water heater services in all parts of Dhaka. Our technicians have expertise in both plumbing and electric appliances making it easier for them to fix the issue quickly and making sure that your heater remains safe for use. If you are looking at replacing an existing or installing a new hot water system, an apartment or building in Dhaka don’t hesitate to call us.

We are the leading independent appliance repair specialists in Dhaka throughout Bangladesh. Through our network of qualified engineers, we provide a first class service offering fixed price repairs, covering your appliances. On getting the call we usually dispatch our team within a few hours to fix the issue, if needed you can also place an emergency call in which case our team will arrive at your doorstep even quicker.

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AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: 01972-070767

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