Refrigerator Repair Service Dhanmondi

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Refrigerator Repair Service Dhanmondi
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We provide repair service for all kind of Refrigerator in Dhanmondi. Our experienced technicians are always ready to serve you.We understand how important is your refrigerator.A small trouble can cause a big problem. We provide service both to your home and office.We repair/fix fridge brands like Singer, Panasonic, Walton, Marcel, Rangs, Hitachi, Samsung, Kelvinator, Royalstar, Jamuna, General, Sharp, LG, Kalon, Konka and other Refrigerator brands.

Following are our services:
• Cooling Problem Fixing.
• Falling Water Fixing.
• Gas Filling.
• Gas Leak Repair and Gas Change.
• Compressor Repair, Compressor Fixing.
• Magnetic Contact Repair and Change.
• Fridge Electric Shock Repair.
• Any other Refrigerator problem fixing.

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AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: 01972-070767

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DriverBD wrote 1630 days, 12 hours, 45 min ago

Quality Service

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