Generator Repair Service in Dhaka

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Generator Repair Service in Dhaka
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We have about 15 years experience of servicing generators.
Servicing all diesel generators, all kinds spare parts of the generator, top and major.

Following spare filters are:
1. Fuel filter.
2. Air filter.
3. Oil filter.
4. Lube oil filter.
5. Lube oil viscosity.
6. Radiator water & coolant.
7. Radiator cleaning.
8. Filling lube oil coolant & radiator water.
Overhauling, body coil, pilot coil, exciting coil rotor coil servicing and rewinding of the alternator, supplying new AVR, ECM diode sat, diode plate, fuel pump, head, injector, fuel and starting motor solenoid, charging alternator, engine cylinder exhaust flanges, turbo, servicing and repairing works.
Any major or minor overhauling work, consumables, filters; spare parts, Lube Oil, Coolant, Generator shifting and other required materials.
We are Government Registered Company.

AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: 01877-826686

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