Bulk SMS Marketing in Bangladesh

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Bulk SMS Marketing in Bangladesh
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In Bangladesh, Mobile is an inevitable tool that i always within our hand almost 24/7. That is why, whatever the message is, there’s no chance it will remain unopened in inbox. Just ask yourself, do you read msg or not when you receive a new msg ? We believe Bulk SMS marketing is one of the best way to reach your targeted customers or clients in Bangladesh.

Why Choose Us:
We have more than 50 lacs of Phone numbers database list. . You will be able to target people according to Residential Area, Profession, background, Institute, Club or Group. For Example, You can target people who are from Uttara, Gulshan, Banani or People who are in profession of Doctor, Engineer, Businessman or People are member of elite club like Dhaka Club, Gulshan Club, Uttara club etc. We will help you to boost up your business growth providing Bulk SMS Marketing Service in Bangladesh.

Following are our Price for Bulk SMS Marketing Service:

Price For Non-Brand SMS marketing:
1000+ .50 TK/SMS
10,000+ .42 TK/SMS
50,000+ .35 TK/SMS
100000+ .33 TK/SMS
500000+ .28 TK/SMS

Price For Brand SMS Marketing:
1000+ 1 TK/SMS
10,000+ .85 TK/SMS
50,000+ .70 TK/SMS
100000+ .65 TK/SMS
500000+ .55 TK/SMS

Scope of using Bulk SMS Marketing for Your Business in Bangladesh:
* You can use SMS for Job Notification
* For General Info like Office Address, Service Details
* For Specific Information like Training, Cultural Program or Incoming Events, Meeting, Reminder
* Sending Notification/Greetings for Official or Occasional for Targeted people.
* SMS for Due Payment Notification
* SMS for Quiz, Survey and other market research purpose

So, If you like to generate more sales, leads or create brand awareness, You must take this great opportunity in this digital era. If you are looking for Custom Offers or discounts we can help with that too. For any queries regarding Bulk SMS Marketing in Bangladesh, Please submit your Name, Phone Number clicking on Order Now from below and One of our SMS Marketing Expert will contact you within 15 minutes.

AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: 01972-070767

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