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Inventory Management Software In Bangladesh
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If you are looking for best Inventory Management Software in Bangladesh then you are in right place. We are the best choice to select top inventory software companies in Bangladesh. Whether you are looking for inventory management for commercial or non-commercial industries like Clothing, Electronics, Aeronautical, Mechanical, Medical, Hotel, Retail stores, Online Shopping Malls or Home Business, Real soft Stock, our inventory management software, will help you for speed processes. Our inventory software price is affordable and its best for small and medium size business. The software has a proven track record of helping companies of all industries manage their business more efficiently. This Inventory system saves your time on paperwork, fulfill your inventory management needs accurately, and shows upfront balance inventory in one click. This helps you improve the supply chain management process with prompt delivery of goods. It can also be used in manufacturing industry to create a work order, bill of materials and other production related documents. Our customized simple inventory management system’s multiple options enable to manage your stock with complete supplier’s detail. Our Inventory software is suitable to tracks the inventory level of products separately for each of your store and warehouse locations. This software can handle complete business processes such as profit calculation, tax calculation, etc.

Key Features of Our Inventory Management Software are:

• Supplier Database.
• Product Requisition.
• Requisition Approval.
• Inventory Location Information.
• Quotation Collect.
• Quotation Approval.
• Product Purchase With Entry & Returns.
• Supplier Details Report.
• Date, Supplier & Item Wise Purchase Report.
• PO Information.
• Shipment Information Report.
• Product Requisition & Requisition Approval.
• Product Receive and Out.
• Inventory Adjustment.
• Item Stock Variance.
• Product Damage Module.
• Cost Control & Variance Analysis.

How Can It help to Manage Your Work?:

– Timely and accurate information on your receipts of goods.
– Easiest way to Maintain your Stock Balance Automatically.
– List your Inventory Items with default Sale & Purchase Price.
– Maintain Customer & Supplier list with their contact details.
– Prepare Sales Invoice & Sales Return documents.
– Create Purchase Receipt & Purchase Return documents.

Benefits of Inventory Management Software:

• Judging the requirements precisely and coordinates with logistics, supply chain and warehousing operation.
• Real time watch on the supply/demand/cost/order fulfill process with clear trends.
• Improves supplier, vendor/customer association with real time data with all the departments.
• Helps in accomplishing the actual margins, understanding the inventory unit prices, selling rates, etc.
• Can easily integrated with other modules or with your existing system.
• Reduce manual activities and have the purchase and sales through the system with proper inventory management.
• Significantly improve your relationships with suppliers, vendors and partners by providing self service and real-time visibility.

Why You Choose Us?

1. Customized applications to suit your needs.
2. Trained and dedicated team of developers who will ensure only the best.
3. 24X7 Technical support.
4. An experienced team that can add more value to your ideas.
5. Services right from concept to design and implementation.
6. An experienced team with in-depth knowledge of the market.

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