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Accounting Software In Bangladesh
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If you are looking for best Accounting Software in Bangladesh then you have come to the right place. We provide complete business software systems across Bangladesh for a diverse array of businesses. The software controls end to end business process management across your business. Our Accounting software is a comprehensive business suite which is having an advanced functionality to control of your profits.It will help you to manage your customers and invoices, while keeping expenses in check. This will record monitor and reconcile your bank accounts and transactions and collaborate your accountants in real time. Our leading and best software companies in Bangladesh will help to put you in control in today’s complicated business scenario. We offer easy to use accounting software for small business and any other array of businesses. Our best accounting software is easy to use and simple to learn that every user can handle understand it in few minutes. Our Quick and most popular accounting software allows you to centrally track financial accounting record as according to international standard. Our account software is an extensive business module which is having an advanced functionality to control of your profits. There is a range of online and desktop accounting solutions that will allow you to manage VAT, budgets, stocks, etc. as well as assist you in invoicing customers and analyzing business performance.

Some of The Best Features of Our Accounting Software are:

• Chart of Accounts.
• Opening Balance.
• Journal Voice Entry.
• Received & Payment Vouchers Entry.
• Vouchers Entry.
• Credit Note & Debit Note.
• Accounts Receivable.
• Accounts Payable.
• Trial Balance.
• Cash Flow Statement.
• Transaction List.
• Cash Book statement.
• Bank Book Statement.
• General Ledger Daily/Monthly/Yearly.
• Income Statement.
• Balance Sheet.
• Fixed Asset Schedule.
• Ratio Analysis etc.

More Reasons to Have Our Accounting Software:

– Manage Multi Users, Multiple company, Locations and Branches.
– Web Based and Desk Top Versions are available
– TAX (VAT) compliance for tax accounting with reports filters.
– Full Audit Trail and Tracking Capabilities.
– Create and Backup companies with ease.
– Create alphanumeric account numbers as long as 45 characters.
– Assign different retained earnings accounts to different account segments.
– Create analytical reports, spreadsheets, graphs, and charts, and update budgets automatically.
– Payment or receipts from a single bank account and distribute between Multiple Branches and Companies.
– Customer and Supplier Payable’s and sales Graphs for analysis.
– Posting and Un-posting each transaction with Admin User Rights.
– Print consolidated statements for any accounting division or Branches.
– Multi user access control for forms,functions and financial reports from Adding, viewing, delete and editing.

Why we?

1. We have been catering to the ever-increasing demand of quality enterprise Software solutions and communication services in Bangladesh.
2. We place our customer above all else and try to perform our services to the best of our ability.
3. We have knowledge regarding all operation all systems and proven solutions to best implement them in your organization structure.
4. We provide top ranking Network Services, Business Solutions, Website Designs, Corporate Branding, Marketing Solutions.
5. We are aware of your investment and we are committed to bring you the highest quality of information technology solutions along with quality support.

We utilize web conferencing software that allows intimate collaboration, which leads us creating an extraordinary product for you. Our development, technical support, system analyst, administrative, sales and marketing teams grow professionally through cross training in various areas of our operation. Contact us for your solution.

If you like to check our software, Click on Book Now from below and submit your Name, Phone Number and Address. We will call you ASAP and confirm a meeting to show you the Software.

AmarSheba.Com Customer Care Number: +8801770594914, +8801972070767

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